The Ethical Wedding Show - Wellington Wood, Norfolk

Details of The Ethical Wedding Show - Wellington Wood, Norfolk.

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Venue: Wellington Wood, Brandon Road, Northwold, Thetford, Norfolk IP26 5NP
Event Type: Wedding Fair
Opening times: 11.00am - 3.00pm
Admission: £5 General Admission, £10 VIP Ticket
Organiser: Magpie Wedding
Name: Hannah Mullens
☎ 07808214907
The Ethical Wedding Show - for couples that love the planet as well as each other - comes to Norfolk on 10th October 2021!
The Ethical Wedding Show is back and this time we're coming to Norfolk on October 10th 2021 at the incredible wedding venue Wellington Wood. Wellington Wood is an outdoor venue who are proudly eco friendly and sustainable, providing beautiful tipis, a choice of ceremony spaces and stunning surroundings. This venue is a perfect match for ethically minded couples looking to celebrate in Norfolk and is the ideal host for The Ethical Wedding Show.
We know that being ethically minded in our life choices is important, and we know you want your significant life events to be no different! Helping you to make a positive impact with your spend for your big day, the Ethical Wedding Show brings you a brilliant selection of suppliers, talks and workshops, plus a model lounge to explore.
Every supplier has been handpicked for The Ethical Wedding Show, not just for their gorgeous products and impeccable services, but because they too care about the planet. These suppliers help to deliver the creative luxe weddings we are known for here at Magpie Wedding, but in a way that's eco-conscious too.
We are firm believers that a million people embracing being ethical imperfectly is better than a few people doing it perfectly. Therefore we have designed a 5 point criteria for our suppliers with every one involved having to meet at least 3 of these.
Come and find your dream ethical team at The Ethical Wedding Show! Doors open at 11am and close at 3pm!

Wellington Wood